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Graphic Finishing Services also provides a variety of services other than Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitching and Cutting and Folding.  


  • Drilling: Drilling is the act of punching holes in publications to facilitate mechanical binding or for insertion in three-ring binders or post binders.  Drilling is also known as punching. Drilling is performed on a special drilling device, or a punch, depending on thickness. In late 2010 a brand new Durshelen PB .15 Auto-drill capable of 1-20 holes in a single book was added to the production line.  There is no job we can’t do and speeds that can satisfy the tightest timeline.


  • Shrink Wrapping: Shrink Wrapping is style of packaging in which thin plastic is wrapped around a stack of publications and, with the application of heat, shrinks around the product.  Shrink wrapping not only holds publications together, but also protects them from the elements and provides a place to attach identifying labels. Graphic Finishing Services offers shrink wrapping as a value added service and also recommends this process to avoid scuffing and marking for finished products in transit. 


  • Poly Tying: Poly Tying is a simple style of packaging used mainly for thicker publications.  Stacks of publications are held together using a synthetic twine or plastic straps.  This can add to the durability and ease-of-handling to shrink-wrapping.

  • Paper Banding: Paper Banding is a style of packaging that holds a stack of publications together using a band of paper that attaches to itself using an adhesive or tape.  It is the easiest to remove and provides a place to attach identifying labels.

  • Laminating: The D&K 3210 Laminator System is a faster, more technologically advanced machine. When speed and flexibility are top priority, the System 3210 surpasses expectations. This system includes a feeder, one sided laminator, separator and jogger with flexible stock sizes from 8.5” x 11” up to 31” x 40”.



GFS Value added Services

  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Weekend Production
  • Daily job status updates
  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Layout assistance
  • Quick turn times
  • Attend your production meetings

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